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Certainly! Here are detailed descriptions of all the character classes in the game Cabal Online:

1. **Warrior**:
   - **Playstyle**: Warriors are melee-focused characters with high physical strength and defense.
   - **Characteristics**: They excel in close combat, capable of enduring heavy damage and protecting allies.
   - **Skills**: Warriors utilize skills like "Brutal Swing" for powerful strikes and "Shield Charge" for engaging enemies.

2. **Blader**:
   - **Playstyle**: Bladers are agile melee fighters, specializing in swift and continuous attacks with swords.
   - **Characteristics**: They have high mobility and can quickly dispatch weaker enemies.
   - **Skills**: Bladers use skills such as "Fatal Touch" and "Lightning Slash" to enhance their attack speed and damage output.

3. **Wizard**:
   - **Playstyle**: Wizards are ranged magic users, dealing high damage from a distance but having lower defense.
   - **Characteristics**: They rely on mana for their powerful spells and are vulnerable in close combat.
   - **Skills**: Wizards cast spells like "Fire Bolt" and "Ice Arrow", capable of summoning spirits and boosting their magical abilities.

4. **Force Archer**:
   - **Playstyle**: Force Archers use bows to attack from afar, combining physical prowess with magical abilities.
   - **Characteristics**: They are versatile, capable of dealing damage from various ranges and angles.
   - **Skills**: Force Archers employ skills like "Arrow Storm" and "Guided Arrow" while utilizing solar energy to enhance their attacks.

5. **Force Blader**:
   - **Playstyle**: Force Bladers combine swordsmanship with magical prowess, allowing for both melee and ranged combat.
   - **Characteristics**: They have balanced offense and defense, using skills like "Force Impact" and "Lightning Slash".
   - **Skills**: Force Bladers can enhance their combat abilities with magic, delivering powerful blows and controlling the battlefield.

6. **Force Shielder**:
   - **Playstyle**: Force Shielders are tank-like characters focused on defense and protecting allies.
   - **Characteristics**: They use shields for protection and have skills to mitigate damage for themselves and their team.
   - **Skills**: Force Shielders deploy skills such as "Shield Charge" and "Shield Explosion" to shield allies and absorb incoming damage.

Each class in Cabal Online offers unique gameplay experiences and strategic depth, catering to different playstyles and preferences. Players can choose classes based on their preferred combat style, whether it's heavy melee damage, ranged magical attacks, or supportive roles in team play.